Tuesday, 23 January 2018

It gets wet in Costa Rica as well!

Another very wet and miserable day, so instead of getting soaked I took a bit more on my Costa Rican nostalgic wander. Mind you iy does rain in Costa Rica, and how! but when it stops the birding is brilliant.  When you are birding in the Americas there are still some families that you are familiar with, such as Herons, Gull and Waders, but then there are totally new ones. Here are a few birds from families not found outside the "new world".

Fiery-billed Acari, from the Toucan family, one of the quintessential Neotropical families.

Sociable Flycatcher, a common representative of the large Tyrant Flycatcher family

Spangle-cheeked Tanager, from another large family and one of the more striking species.

Bicolored Antbird, just how many ants are there in the forests of Central and south America? Antbirds are the real birders birds and very charismatic.

Hummingbirds are fabulous and there are over 340 species. This is a Lesser Violetear, Formally know as the Green Violetear, when limped with the Mexican Violetear.

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