Monday, 22 January 2018

Why did the Crow Cross the River

Busy this morning and then this pm popped out to arrange an MOT (the car not me). As it was still dry, but of course much duller than the morning, I went for a short stroll. I don't do a "competitive year list", but I do note what I've seen, so I decided to walk along a stretch of the River Dour where I usually see Grey Wagtails and occasionally a Kingfisher zips past.

When I arrived for a while I saw very little, but when a high pitched call above my head have my looking up, the silhouette of a European Treecreeper delighted me as it "ran" up the trunk and then out of sight.

There is something magical about these little mouse like birds as they climb up one tree and the fly down to a lower level on another before repeating the process.

 As I was watching a Song Thrush was belting out its song from the top of an adjacent tree. 

They can always be relied on the sing long before there are signs of spring. 

 A bit further along I watched two Carrion Crows coming down to the water. I was amused when one, deciding to cross the river, used the stepping stones (and logs) to hop across, making the power of flight obsolete.

By now it was really dusk and I waked back to the car.

 As I got in I heard the call of a Grey Wagtail,and I retrieved my camera, and took a short walk along the other side of the river. It wasn't long before I found the Wagtail, sitting, unusually quietly on a log.
We exchanged greetings and I took a couple of snaps, (I almost needed flash to see it). That was it, and it was back home for a cup of tea.

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