Friday, 19 January 2018

Owl Nostalgia

Owls often return to roost areas year after year. There was a traditional roost of Long-eared Owls at Dartford, which held up to 13 birds in winter. A few years ago I found a couple of Long-eared Owls in a scrubby bit of wood not far from here. I have tried to check the area a few winters since but getting to the trees has got more and more difficult and in any case when I have managed it there have been no owls present. Dungeness has had a Long-eared Owl that has been viewable this winter and the previous one, although I haven't been this year. When I was in Costa Rica last year with  my son, Rob, Owls featured on several evenings and I just had a look at the pictures I took of the nicely named Bare-shanked Screech Owl, To make up for the lack of a local one here are a couple of them.

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