Sunday, 7 January 2018

Restharrow Scrape

 Restharrow Scrape, Sandwich Bay B.O. 

Some of the 480+ Teal, at the far end of the scrape.

 Usually at this time of year Teal are the most numerous Duck, but t is possible to find several other species. Today there were four Shovelers, but no Mallard, Gadwall, Wigeon, Shelduck or Tufted Ducks or any others.

Looking towards the observatory in the distance

There were however a good number (if any number is good) of Greylags, noisily engaged in a spot of R&R.

 A lone Brent Goose appeared at the far end and enjoyed a  fresh water bath.

The Brent wandered on to the island and the vanished while I was scanning elsewhere.

A group of Curlews flew over.

And around a dozen dropped in for a rest,

 A Group of Curlews at the far end.

Not many gulls today, just one Common Gull and a few Black-headed Gulls, the local Herring Gull flew over without dropping in.

 The closest Teal dozed by the bank, until the drake woke up, and seemed to cough up a pellet.

 In the bright sunlight the drake Teal looked extremely handsome.

 The Stonechat was intent on photobombing my attempts to photo the Teal

Now the the Duck 

Now a solo.

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