Tuesday, 2 October 2007

It Feels Like Autumn

Looking across the fields it had a distinctively Autumnal feel today. The little copse was shrouded in a light mist and visibility was limited.
Swallows gathered in large numbers on he wires near "Big Bruce", and many more move through along the cliff top.

The harsh clacking of a Ring Ouzel betrayed it presence, but it wasn't easy to find in the hedge.

It is the mountain equivalent on the Blackbird and visits us in Spring and Autumn on its annual migrations.
To add a bit of colour there were still a few Red Admirals to be found on the Ivy flowers.
Other Birds There were still a large number of Chiffchaffs around and for the first time this Autumn I saw reasonable numbers of Redwings (one flock of 50 plus other smaller numbers) and 17 Fieldfares. Others saw at least six Firecrests and there were good counts of Reed Buntings and Stonechats.

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Kingsdowner said...

Remarkable numbers of swallows on the wires Tony.

And thanks for the comment on the clacking Ouzel - I heard a similar sound in the scrub in the middle of the paddock on Friday, but there seemed to be only a blackbird there - now I know what is must have been.