Sunday, 25 May 2008

Cliffe Inn, Garden House Hotel, No: White Cliffs Hotel

I decided that it was time I walked round the village. I did take one crutch/walking stick thing but I took my camera to prove how far I walked.

This Building had featured on my blog a couple of times. On Dec 7th 2007 I featured a note from the then new owners explaining why the name had changed from the Cliffe Inn to the Garden House Hotel. I had written on Jan 30th 2007 that I though that it was regrettable that the old name had been discarded. The new hotel had incorporated the Bay Leaf Restaurant, that moved from across the road. Well it is all change again. It is now the White Cliffs Hotel, so we're partially back to the old name. The restaurant has become the Bay Restaurant and it is now under the same ownership as Wallets Court. I wish them well. The last time Pam and I ate in the Bay Leaf we thoroughly enjoyed our meal, but I'm sure with the Wallets Court team now in charge it will remain top class.

I walked through the church yard and looking pack realised that I hadn't taken a picture of the church using my new wider angle lens. This meant that I could get the whole building in, without burying myself under a tree at the back of the graveyard. After last nights' down pour it was good to see the bright blue sky.

Now what had forced me out of the house was England batting at barely two runs an over. I thought that I might see and watch some village cricket, where the ball was sure to be agriculturally helped over the boundary at frequent intervals. St Margaret's were a couple of wickets down when I got there and then the two most lightly looking batsmen managed to pick out backward square-leg and mid-wicket. with hits off the middle of the bat, that they both expected to go for four. On each occasion the fielders pouched the catches and the new batsmen were then required to mount a rebuilding phase. After a few overs with just one or two runs I decided I might as well be bored by England, so at the drinks interval I started my return journey.

I had become quite used to the look of the old Vicarage behind the Cricket ground. I'm sure it was a nightmare to maintain but I think I will miss the grand backdrop it provided. I was interested to see that the new construction seems to be largely wood. I know nothing of building, but this does seen different to most houses being built.
When I got home I had a look at Google-Earth and calculated I'd managed 1370 metres at about half a snails pace.


John Young said...

Hi Tony, you write an interesting blog. Great photos of the church and the cricket. Like the sky in both of them just sets them off nicely. Cheers, John

Steve said...

I am glad to hear that your knee is improving Tony....I bet an England win is helping speed the recovery?