Sunday, 21 February 2010

Early visit from the Brock.

Pam saw the Badger walk past the kitchen window on his way round to the feeding area at about 10.50 p.m. tonight.

I crept out quietly and got a picture from the outside. There sight isn't great so quiet stealthy movement and I was in the right place to see him. All the other photos are taken through the dining room window at the back.

He did seem aware that someone or something was close, but after sniffing the air and detecting nothing he was content to eat up his supper.

It has been very, very wet today and he arrive with a completely soaked coat, but I'd say, looking at his snout that he hadn't been digging for worms yet.

He looks a bit scraggy under his neck, but it may just be the way his wet fur is matted. I was pleased to see him as most of the day I've been inside, not particularly wishing to venture out into what developed into a near monsoon.


Anonymous said...


Steve said...

Tony, it must be fantastic to have these creatures visiting you nightly, do they do much damage to your garden? I know from playing golf at W&KGC where they do a lot of damage to the fairways and greens occasionally. Nice photos, did you use a flash? if so how did you take them through the window?

Tony Morris said...

Hi Steve,
we have given up worrying about the lawn looking like a putting green, it gets lots of conical holes in it that are snout sized. They do occasionally dig up other things and Pam isn't that pleased about it (she's the real gardener), but we put the plants back and hope. Flash, Yes..but only the built in flash on my Canon 20D or 40D, whichever has the right lens on at the time. I find the results through glass aren't too bad if you get the lens right up to the window, so there's no room for the reflected flash to hit the lens. In the summer I just get the windows open early or get out in the garden and sit and wait.

Steve said...

Thanks Tony, never thought about putting the lens up against the glass.. der!! I shall remember that now. regards Steve