Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Bye Bye to Not Quite Scilly and North Downs and Beyond

A poor day for both mothing (only three Hebrew Characters and an actinic tube that seems to have given up the ghost) and birding, still no Wheatears and definitely no Alpine or Pallid Swifts ahead of the front that came through.

Looking through the pictures I took of the Kittiwakes at Langdon, I noticed that I also took some of this Fulmar on the cliff. I hope that this was just a place to rest and not where it intended to lay it's eggs. It really doesn't look as if one would last there at all.

I just liked this one, Fulmars are such great subjects.

I was disappointed to see that two regular Bloggers about birds and Natural History had decided to call it a day. Steve Gale has packed up his "North Downs and Beyond" and removed it completely and Gavin Haig, has called a halt to "Not quite Scilly" although he is leaving existing posts in place. This is a shame because both were well written and often interesting subjects. It is totally understandable though. It takes time and at times trying to find the right words and pictures can be a painful procedure. I hope that at some time we will see these two bloggers back, but we should be thankful for their contributions over the last couple of years. This is my 1122 post so I suppose it isn't surprising that I find that I'm repeating myself at times. Looking at my list of Kent Bloggers about birds I notice several that haven't posted for two months or more. I think we are seeing the birth of a new syndrome, the blogger fatigue syndrome.


Anonymous said...

I've only just started a blog and already I've found it hard to maintain regular posting and the quality is universally dismal (which is why I'll remain anonymous for now).

It only increases my appreciation that these two kept it up on a more than weekly basis for so long and to have written so well too. I'll miss reading them.

Warren Baker said...

It's always worth doing a blog, if only for something to look back on yourself, I find it useful for keeping records too. If only one other person gets enjoyment from it, then its worth doing!

I get enjoyment from yours Tony :-)

Anonymous said...

Tony, I agree that a blog can take a fair while to compose and I'm finding it's taking up to much time and Cliftonville Birder has now been removed as I want more time to actually go birding. Keep up your blog and hope we have a bumper year for both birds and moths.

John Reeves said...

I started a new Blog this Spring and appreciate the time and dedication it requires. I get inspiration and encouragement from Blogs such as yours - keep it up.