Friday, 18 June 2010

Baby bath time

This is a great time for garden birds, even if I'd rather be feeling good and out and about.

The little fountain, just out side my study window, can act like a magnet for young birds at this time of year, although I can't remember watching a Long-tailed Tit taking a shower before.

The young Blue-tits that fledged at the end of last week were also in the vicinity, and appeared to be finding bits to eat among the stones under the water.

Showering doesn't seem to be a very satisfactory experience for these youngsters and the soon changed to the bird bath.

After a little while the Long-tailed Tit disappeared completely in the water, before putting it's head up to look out. Such was the vigorous nature of it's ablutions that I only got a blur of feathers during the act.

I still haven't found exactly where the Long-tailed Tits nested, it isn't as easy as the other tits as they don't use boxes. Hopefully it will become evident when the leaves go. It's always good to see such a masterful construction of spiders web, moss, lichen and feathers.

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