Thursday, 24 June 2010

Face to face

I sat by the open patio doors tonight and waited for a visitor to arrive. I hoped that our "Little Mummy" Badger would arrive early tonight, because for the last couple of nights she's been interrupted by a large handsome chap, and she hasn't hung around to discuss the democratic sharing of the peanuts.

She didn't put in an appearance but the big handsome chap did, along with another, quite large beast, who quite distinctly was one of those with a tough of the red or ginger gene. Although I haven't seen a really erythristic Badger here, there are quite definitely two distinct colour groups, one of which has some ginger tones.

The "ginger" one had a wander round and nearly came through the door to where I was sitting in the dark. I think he got wind of me, because although he didn't panic, he didn't stay around and wandered off into the garden.

The darker one stayed to eat up all his supper, but was definitely aware of the camera noise, and unusually stopped and looked up each time the flash went off. Normally after one or two flashes they take absolutely no notice at all. As they arrived quite late tonight I'm late with my blogging tonight. and have to be up in three hours to cover my moth traps!
By the way it was a really good 1-0 win!!

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