Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Walk like an Egyptian.

I'm not a great fan of moat introductions, in general they look much better in their native habitat, and I guess that Egyptian Goose is no exception. 

However when I to the trouble to have a good look at the one on the Restharrow Scrape at Sandwich Bay, I must admit that it is a truly great looking beast,

It took a flight from the island and had a little swim around, and it was, perhaps, the first time that I've bothered to really look closely at the markings.

The weather wasn't kind and it got ruffled up in the wind, but it seemed full of character and looked like a cross between an American Wigeon on steroids and a demented  Shelduck. I suppose if a mate came along they would cause havoc among the other nesting birds, as they can be very aggressive.


Derek Faulkner said...

I always find them to be quite ugly and a brown sort of version of a muscovy.

Tony Morris said...

That's a bit harsh Derek. Close up they are a real stunner, but of course in the wrong place/continent!