Sunday, 6 September 2015

Natural Pest controllers

Clearing up in the garden, I moved a pile of clipping that Pam had left for me, a few days ago, before the heavens opened.

I was delighted to find this small Common Toad, probably a couple of years old. It was an extremely pale one and surprised me by hopping as well as walking.

With the wet weather there has been a good number of slugs and snails appearing, so the more of these gardeners friends that come to our aid, the better.

Also hiding under the rubbish was one of this years frogs, still only about the size of my thumb nail. I really needed to cut the grass, and before I could do this I had to inspect the area carefully to ensure it was just grass that was getting chopped up.


jelltex said...

With the plague of slugs and snails that did us out of our gooseberry crop, we have decided to have a wildlife pond for next year, so to encourage the frogs and toads to take up residence.

Derek Faulkner said...

Wow, I haven't seen a toad for around 20 years. Got loads of frogs in the garden and pond but no toads. I would suggest that frogs the size of your thumbnail could already be a year old. This year's froglets in and around my pond are half that size.