Saturday, 1 December 2007

Tree Fights Back!

While I was watching the early arrival of the evening and looking at the wintry bare branches of most of the trees in the garden I was struck but the thick foliage left on the tree we had "lopped" this summer. It appears that it is more reluctant to let go of its leaves than the other trees.

Here you can see that despite the storms and high winds that have completely stripped all the other deciduous trees in the garden this Ash tree that featured on July 9th has clung on tightly. Is this a survival technique to over come the mutilation it received earlier I wonder?

Wildlife I met Simon Warry when I popped down to the Bay this morning and he told me that the Dartford Warbler that has been around a while is still to be found in the vegetation at the edge of the "big field" between the Monument and Hope Point. I didn't find it in the windy conditions but will try again tomorrow.

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